WARM WALK (1994)




It was like a warm walk in the evening sun

And it made me believe in the freshness of life.

It was like a beating fever in my shining heart,

And it showed me the steps I had never taken.


Blowing like a fast leaf, it just ran through my passion,

And it meant more than anything I had ever accomplished:

In the sweet taste of darkness your lips flourished like rainbows,

They were born to the wind, soaring wild in my feelings,

And the chains of their birth still remain unforgotten,

Like the salt-smelling foam breaking onto the sea-shells.


Don’t you ever split the everlasting colours of those memories,

Let them glow in the red wells of old treasures,

I will keep them as safe as bright pearls in a soft chest,

Brave and clean, and deep-clung in the bottom forever.

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